12 Innocent Pictures That Turned Out To Be Horribly Wrong

Lights, Camera and Action. Well, when we here these three words, we just try to pose in the best way possible for the pictures. However, sometimes, certain weird elements in the frame make a photograph horribly wrong.

Here is a compilation of just normal pictures that turned out to be horribly wrong later.

1. Run, there is a hot zombie behind you. 


2. You all can do this stupid stuff even after you get back home. I cannot have this incredibly tasty food after I go home. I hope you get my point. Well, if you think it is my fault, I am sorry, my friend, you are totally wrong. I cannot help it. The food is just so good.


3. That one friend who just doesn’t care about anyone else and poses awkwardly in all the pictures.


4. It looked like a perfect heavenly shot with an alabaster horse just before the shutter went down. Well, now it just looks like an angry horse trying to destroy every bit of the awesome scenery.


5. This girl has turned herself into the Aladdin’s carpet just to take care of that guy’s comfortable. Well, look how comfortable he is while sitting on her back. 


6. This guy has taken ‘live stream’ to an altogether new level. 


7. Fcuk everyone. Fcuk the police and fcuk the photographer. I will do whatever I want. Here is Fcuk You for the viewer too.


8. Chill people, the cat is just sniffing the neck of a swan. Do you guys think something else is going on? If yes, then you all need to change your mindset a lot.


9. This probably the funniest pictures of all time. Well, there is nothing wrong with the people that were intended to be in the frame. Well, if you just take a look at what is going on in the right, you will understand what is wrong.


10. Look at the two ladies in the back smiling (laughing would probably be an appropriate term here) at those ladies who are scared to the core posing with that beautiful animal.


11. Let the race begin.


12. That one kid who loses his mind when he sees a playground or an open space.

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