20 Annoying Bedroom Habits That Drive Your Partner Crazy

People fall in love, because that’s natural, and it’s because of the attraction one feels towards another. The biggest thing that keeps people bonded is their habits. Nothing that is “perfect”, never exists. People in mutual attraction do take each other to bed, to have sex of course. And everyone has a different way of doing stuff. Some might please the other, and some, um, may not. There are some annoying bedroom habits that drive their partners crazy. It is well understood that everyone has their quirks, but sometimes some of them just get under your skin and you feel like getting yourself escaped. Wondering what those annoying bedroom habits might be?

Well, here is a list of annoying bedroom habits that these couples shared on Whisper about their partner that kills out the intimacy and makes everything absolutely worst. Let’s see what these annoying bedroom habits are in these brutally honest conversations!

1.This relationship seems to be ending soon.


2.This selfishness is what makes the other one crazy.

3.No one can help this poor couple.        

4.Okay, this is actually very annoying.

5.That’s a very bad comment guy, look up.

6.There isn’t any positivity you see.

7.People, stop thinking about your own self all the time, it’s ruining your relationship.

8.Girls, if he does it right, you should too.

9.Both of the partners should care about each other’s need for satisfaction.

10.It isn’t cute anymore.

11.This isn’t asking for too much.

12.Some care would be nice.

13.If you share, then only you care.

14.Being enthusiastic is fun and great.

15.You have needs, she does too.

16.Well, this is what happens when you’re the greedy one.

17.This is actually very cold.

18.The last page is here.

19.Let’ get some more power from some source.

20.Well, not everything can be expected from everyone.

These couples have shared these confessions exclusively about what their partner’s annoying bedroom habits that drive them crazy. It’s alright, that everyone has some imperfections but the point is that it should be clear among the partners to fulfill their demands and that will just be enough.

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