5 signs your computer has been hacked !

Internet is not a safe place for amateurs , when you surf on the virtual world you may get hacked without even noticing , the internet security is getting better currently , but also the hacking tricks are evolving too , so if your remarked some of these signs on your computer then you’ve been hacked!

1- Antivirus off or not working !

If you haven’t turned off the antivirus yourself or there is an error on it , then you sould consider this as a sign , because antivirus may create troubles to the attackers so they turn it off to avoid this .

2 – Your passwords does not work !

One or some of your passwords doesn’t work anymore because it has been changed , well thats what the hackers do , they stole your accounts even if they dont need it !

3- Random tasks on your computer 

You may notices some weird things that happens on your computer , like the mouse moves by itself without you touching it , programs opening by themselves and also websites , unrecognized new files and more …

4- webcam turns on by itself !

if your webcam do that recently and repeatedly , then someone is watching you ,recording or taking pictures …

5 – Computer gets extremely  slow

if your computer used to work fine and fast , but know is extremely slow that it takes a long time just to do a simple task ,then this is a bad sign !


so if you have been noticed some of these signs or all of them , this obviously means that you have been hacked !

What to do now ? 

we can help you to kick the hacker out of your computer , and we’ll give you some tips to be careful from now on , follow this 10 things to do after being hacked !


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