A kiss may kill you, be careful !

A kiss is the easiest way to express your love to someone, but would you ever believe that this latter can be dangerous enough to cause you death? well here are some cases which proved that a kiss could be harmful!

1 – Don’t let people kiss your newborn baby!

Mariana Reese Sifrit an eighteen-day-old baby passed away because of herpes (HSV-1) a virus that causes cold sores and rarely leads to viral meningitis , HSV-1 can be spread through kissing or oral contact in general , Mariana had contracted the virus due to a kiss, after this tragedy Nicole Kilpatrick mother of Mariana warned other parents to not let people kiss their babies .


2- 7-year-old girl dies after kissing her grandfather!

Abby Fenstermaker, a 7-year-old girl, died after visiting her grandfather and giving him a kiss on the cheek,

John Strike, Abby‘s grandfather was infected by E.coli and he transferred it to his granddaughter through a simple kiss!

She was admitted to the hospital, and she slipped into a coma, after some days the doctors proclaimed her brain-dead, her parents requested to remove her from life support.


3- Died after kissing her boyfriend!

Myriam Ducre-Lemay a 20-year-old girl, died after kissing her boyfriend,

she had a peanut allergy, her boyfriend wasn’t aware of that, he had eaten a peanut butter sandwich and after returning to the bedroom he gave her a kiss,

after that Myriam started having troubles in breathing, she died due to an oxygen lack.


4- Don’t forget the hickeys too!

Julio Macias Gonzalez 17-year-old-guy from Mexico, was eating dinner with his family when he started convulsing,

before bailing the help, Julio died, and it turns out that the cause of death was a love bit he got from his 24-year-old girlfriend which caused him a blood clot traveled to his brain and induced a stroke!

A love bite can kill too!

We may need kissing in our lives to show love or passion and other sentiments to others, but we also need to be careful of those fatal kisses.

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