Groot died in first film, guardians of the galaxy’s director reveals

At one purpose in the course of the primary Guardians of the Galaxy film, viewers thought all hope was vanished as ‘Dark Aster’ ship was moving directly to the bottom with Peter Quill, Rocket, Gamora, Groot and Draxon board.

But the woody creature that simply says an duplicate word for everything to take the responsibility to protect the whole team from incredible annihilation.

check out video below :


BOOM, Fans of Groot were totally gone , the lovable chracter did not say a lot , sacrifice was one of the TEAMWORK,

at the end , we tend Groot baby growing up in an small pot, making everybody assume that a piece of the area that character saved and was growing back to his forme self
well , in addition
an actually discover from Director James Gunn that this new Groot is , in point of , the son of Groot, because the sacrifice from the wooden was great and also actually die within the first film.

The man behind the lens got a lot of question about issues on Twitter regarding that of the lovable critters you’d save: which one from start wars : The Last Jedi. Um, Bingo was Groot.


The thread nearly over to Gunn who says that Groot was ‘an advanced lifeform’instead of a animal sort of a Porg, creating the choice deeply and easy

Groot is not an animal! He’s an advanced lifeform! It’s easy!!

Gunn tweeted.

You just sacrificed the life of a thinking being who saved all life in the universe for a single bird.

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