The scariest movie ever ?

The latest netflix’s spanish horror movie “Veronica” might be the scariest movie this year ,  premiered  only this week (26 february ) the movie already started attracting horror lovers’ attention , directed by Paco Plaza who was behind Rec. (2007) one of the most beloved  horror movies .

Based on a true story from madrid’s 1990’s police case files , the movie follows the main character ( Sandra Escacena ) who played Ouija with two classmates in order to conjure her father’s spirit , and found herself besieged by an evil supernatural force .

The trailer may give you a sample on how creepy is it :


The movie has a 100% score on rottentomatoes  and viewers are raving about it and calling Paco plazza a genius :

and some of them compared it to The Conjuring :


well , if you have the balls to watch this movie , close the door , turn off the lights , and get ready because it will absolutely freak you out !


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