The ‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ Shaved Her Face And Married The Love Of Her Life

Sumatra Susuphan also called ‘Natty’ bagged the title of the world’s hairiest girl in 2010. Despite being proud and confident in her own skin, she was awarded the ‘World’s Hairiest Girl’ title by the Guinness World Record. She shaved her face and married the love of her life.



The teenager suffers from a rare condition called Ambras Syndrome and only 50 other people are known to suffer from it. This syndrome was documented in the Middle Ages and way before anybody knew what the disease was all about, people who suffered from the condition were dubbed “werewolves” thus giving it the name Werewolf Syndrome. Sumatra had received laser treatments as a child but they were unsuccessful as her hair kept growing back.


Natty’s father Samrerng told social media that she still suffers from the condition but has now have shaved her face. Now she can be seen sporting a hairless face and we must agree she looks like an absolute sweetheart.

Natty had received a lot of criticism while her time growing up with people calling her ‘wolf girl’ and ‘Chewbacca’ but her friends and family always had her back. Though she was shunned by the community, she always had the support of her loved ones.

Despite her battle with the bullies, Natty has always been known for her optimism and confidence.

She previously told the Guinness World Records:


“I don’t feel any different to anyone else, and I’ve got lots of friends at school… Being hairy makes me special.

“There were a few people who used to tease me and call me monkey face but they don’t do it anymore.

“I’m very used to this condition. I can’t feel the hair as it has always been like this. I don’t feel anything.

“It does sometimes make it difficult to see when it gets long. I hope I will be cured one day.”


Natty’s Facebook profile now reveals that she is happily married to the ‘love of her life.’ She uploaded affectionate photos of her and her husband and praised him in a sweet post on social media saying: “You’re not just my first lover, you’re the love of my life.”

Guinness adjudicator Marco Frigatti had some words to say for the charming and sweet girl. He said: “She’s a remarkable little girl. She’s proud of who she is and wants to be treated just like everyone else.

“She’s not the one with the problem — it’s only those who treat her differently who’ve got the problem.”


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