You’re not crazy if you talk to your pet!

When you see some people talking to their pets , you may wonder if they are in their right mind , well you’re totally wrong ,  because  it turns out that this behavior  is a sign of intelligence .



Almost everyone treat this act as a sign of stupidity or childishness because  we always see childrens talking to their toys or animals .

But according to science as stated by Nichloas Epley ( professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago ) there’s a reason why humans communicate with pets or others non-humans being that cannont talk .

Epley is an expert in anthropomorphism ( the tendency to assign human traits , emotions or characteristics to a non-human being or objects ) , and he says that this behavior is  ‘a natural byproduct of the tendency that makes humans uniquely smart on this planet’.

The most common type of anthropomorphization is giving names to objects or animals , and think that they act or feel , and this is not new , this behavior goes back many centuries when people used to name ships and swords …

Whether or not we realize it, humans anthropomorphize objects and events all the time , and no other species has this tendency according to Epley.

“For centuries, our willingness to recognize minds in non-humans has been seen as a kind of stupidity, a childlike tendency toward anthropomorphism and superstition that educated and clear-thinking adults have outgrown,” he said.

“Recognizing the mind of another human being involves the same psychological processes as recognizing a mind in other animals, a god, or even a gadget. It is a reflection of our brain’s greatest ability rather than a sign of our stupidity.”

So if you loves to communicate with your pet you’re not crazy and its not a silly act ,just go ahead  call your dog  and enjoy , because you’re not stupid you’re just intelligent .

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